The History of St.George(Visutha Geevarghese Sahadha)

The St.George is a Christian martyr and saint who lived in 3rd century. He was born in between 275 and 281 AD and died on 22nd April 303 AD. According to hereditary, he was a Roman soldier under Dioclysion Emperor from Palestine. He was at the same time a priest too.

Emperor Dioclysion tortured the whole Christianity and declared proclamations that all people should worship him and other Gods. But as a strong follower of Christ, he denied it. As a result he was brutally tortured and killed.

According to chronological Christian history, the most respected saint is St.George in Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church etc. The story of the fight with giant snake increased the popularity of the saint.

People from Spain, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, India, Iraq, Palestine, Portugal, Serbia, Russia etc. seek his intersession for prayer. He is also famous as the saint for some workers and various patients.

His feast is celebrated on April 22nd on which he was brutally tortured and assassinated. It is on his behalf behind Holy Mary, more shrines are named. Somany people are blessed through his intercession.

In Kerala he was so much respected from early time onwards. There are so many shrines in his name. Edappilly, Edathva, Puthuppally, Angamali, Aruvithara, Karingachira are some examples. All Churches and celebrations are famous.