About Charity

You perform real charity if you can give freely without expecting anything in return. The essence of true charity is to give something without expecting in return for the gift. If a person expects some material benefits to arise from his gifts, he is only performing an act of bartering and not charity. A charitable person should not make other people feel indebted to him or use charity as a way of exercising control over them. The act of true charity is wholesome, has no strings attached and leaves both the giver and recipient free. There are many things which a person can give; he can give material things like food cloths & money. He can also give his knowledge, skill, time, energy, effort etc . He can provide a sympathetic ear and good counsel to a friend in trouble. He can also give a part of his body for the sake of others, such as blood, eyes, kidney etc..,


A world that knows the heart of the Father; where individuals and communities are transformed by the Word of God, the power of His Spirit and the actions of His saints, to the glory of God and His Son, Jesus Christ


To provide free welfare, education assistance, medical assistance, marriage assistance, home for homeless etc to the poor and needy and provide rehabilitation for alcoholic patients, bed patient and the advancement of other public utility with the help of similar charitable trusts and institutions. We are trying to help cancer patient and their families cope with the crisis in their lives by providing information about the cheapest hospital treatment and charitable institution helping them.


In India poverty is one of the worst social problems. Hundreds of people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the UN. Yet there is plenty of food in the world for everyone. The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty. They lack the money to buy enough food to nourish themselves. Being constantly malnourished, they become weaker and often sick. This makes them increasingly less able to work, which then makes them even poorer and hungrier. This downward spiral often continues until death for them and their families. Lot of people in our society is suffering to earn their daily food for children. Unfortunately our government take no effective plans to solve this problem .They never understand that, everyone, everywhere has the right to live with dignity. That means that no-one should be denied their rights to adequate housing, food, water and sanitation, and to education and health care.

We would like to eradicate poverty from our surrounding area by supplying the whole things they need to solve poverty. Now we are assisting more than 10 families by supplying medicine and food.


In modern life most of the people suffering from critic diseases and their organs are in trouble due to pollution and other disease. Now, the development of modern medicine, so many lives can be saved by blood and organ donation. We encourage blood and organ donation as an act of charity. It is something good that can result from tragedy and a way for families to find comfort by helping others. We do caution, however, that people’s wishes are respected. The organs of the body that can be transplanted at the current time are kidneys, eyes, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the intestines. Most donated organs are from people who have died, but now a living individual can donate a Kidney, part of the pancreas, part of a lung, part of the liver, or part of the intestine. Blood and platelets are formed by the body, go through a life cycle, and are continuously replaced throughout life. This means that you can donate blood and platelets more than once. It is safe to donate blood every 56 days and platelets every four weeks.


The harsh reality we find in our mission is the use of alcohol is the main reason for poverty, street begging and other anti social activities.

Alcoholism as a psychosocio medical problem, the approach would be to provide whole range of services including general awareness, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts through the voluntary organizations and help the addicts to be in the mainstream of the society.

We are trying to create awareness and educating the people about the ill-efforts of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family and society. To provide for the whole range of community based services for the identification motivation, counseling, de-addition, after care of the addicts. To create, network with other organizations and institutions in the similar fields. Empowering, individuals and the society, into holistic missions which make a positive difference in their communities. To transform these society through the implementation of programs which affect all areas of social life including:, health, education, economic empowerment, without compromise to the Word of God.