Charity Trust


We as a trust, under the control of maramangalam ST. George church, were working in the service of humanity & cultural improvement of the society. The major focus of the trust has been to uplift the poor and medical aid to the needy.

As we know in the modern life people are getting separated in the name of wealth, religion, cast and creed. Most of the wealthy people who has acquire the most part of the wealth on the earth which need to be distribute equally are keeping their eyes remain closed to the poor and needy people. We as a charitable trust must see the bitter face of poor family, the harmony of richness and sorrow of poverty, uneducated children, hopeless youth and people who are poor and who suffer from brutal diseases. We are trying to help all deserving people irrespective of their religion and caste.

The present world is full of anarchy and corruption. Humbleness and pity is absent in most of the people. As a human being we have some responsibility to the society. There are many people around us who can’t visit even a government hospital, afford to buy medicine which cost them Rs. 5/ or 10 for recovering from their suffering, and has been suffering since long. What can we do to them visit a clinic? Buy medicine for their treatment?. This is where we thought we should stretch out our hands wide and liberal.

We believe we must do mere than simply meet the physical needs of the poor. Poverty and diseases sends a defeating, painful message into the heart of the affected people. We try to send a message that says “you doesn’t matter our heavenly Father is powerful to solve your problems.” We are trying to give opportunity to learn about Jesus and discover how to develop a life long relation with God.

Dear friends,

This is to inform all of our parishioners, friends and relatives, and well wishers who are working / staying out of Kerala, that a charity organization under our church has recently founded and in operation. The name of the organization is St. George Charity Unit, Maramangalam. The unit has been registered as Charity trusts vide No. 10910 Dated 02.09.2013 at Sub Registrar office, Kothamangalam.

As you aware, the purpose of this organization is self explanatory by its name itself for helping poor and sparing consolation to those having sufferings and loneliness in life.

The structure of this unit constitutitute President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Church Managing committee nominee and 10 committee members (2 from each Kara).

We would like to inform you that we already started function with the cooperation and coordination of our church members. We have good response from our people and happy to announce that all are having a helping mind. We used to review and discuss our works during every monthly meeting and seek member’s suggestions for better performance of the unit. The motto of the unit itself is the involvement and participation of all our people and gives a hand to the deserved.

Until now the fund rising is being done through our members and good friends by collecting small amount in the order of 100, 200, etc per month.

When the public came to know about our charity unit so many poor peoples approached us and explained their situations. Some are struggling for want of money to buy medicines; some are postponing seeing the doctor as they don’t have money. Some have in completed shelter, some are starving. Actual are entirely different than expectation. There are so many in the Publics who deserve our attention and helps.

Hence we as a whole of the charity unit, request your valuable advice, coordination and assistance together with your prayers and blessings for the successful functioning of the unit. Your doings will definitely will be counted in the heaven.

We have bank account no. 0754104000065982 – IFSC Code- IBKL 0000754 at IDBI Bank Kothamangalam. 

If you wish to contribute to the unit, either you can send your offers direct to the bank or entrust your family members to contact the Charity unit officials.

With lots of love and prayers.

St. George Charity Unit, Maramangalam